Definition Settings

These settings define what is being shared, how it is shared, and how to describe it.

At the DOM element level, written as data-janrain-* attributes (example, data-janrain-mode=”contact”).

Field Value Description
description text The description of the shared content. This appears in the preview of the shared object and describes what is being shared. Not to be confused with the user generated content, which appears as the status message.
image URL pointing to image An image associated with the content being shared.
message text This adds preset text to the text box used to provide messages with the activity being shared.
mode broadcast or contact The mode setting specifies the way in which the widget can share. Choosing “broadcast” posts the activity to the user’s own wall or stream. Choosing “contact” shares the activity to specified contacts through the provider. The provider sends direct messages in whatever manner they choose.

Providers available in contact mode: Twitter, LinkedIn, Mixi, Xing, and all email providers

Defaults to “broadcast” if not provided.

shorten-url true, false Overrides the default set in the Janrain application. When set to “true,” shared URLs will be shortened using the Janrain URL shortening service. If “false,” shared URLs will not be modified.

Defaults to “true” if not specified.

subject text Optional:  the subject line for an email share. If absent, title will be used as the subject.
title text The title given to the shared content.
url URL The URL associated with the content being shared.

The following definition settings can be used to override the settings at the DOM element level, and are written as data-janrain-* attributes (for example, data-janrain-description = "This is a description"). This is used to support different configurations of share on one page.

Field Value Description
form-factor “bar” or “drawer” Determines whether the widget’s provider buttons are immediately displayed or if they are hidden until activated by clicking a rendered DrawerButton. Choosing bar will render the provider list to be immediately visible. Choosing drawer will hide the provider list until the DrawerButton is clicked ,and then hide it when clicked again.
Defaults to “bar” if not specified.
share-count-min integer Minimum number of shares before the ShareCount element should be displayed. (Note: The share count does not include those performed via native share methods.)

Defaults to -1 if not specified, enforcing immediate display of the ShareCount element, even if no shares have occurred yet.

share-count-mode “none” or “combined”
  • none — Share count is not displayed.
  • combined — Shows Janrain shares combined with provider shares.
orientation “horizontal” or “vertical” Determines whether the widget’s provider buttons are displayed as a row (horizontal) or column (vertical).

Defaults to “horizontal” if not specified.

providers List of comma separated identity providers Used to define which providers may be used for sharing. Values:

Require configuration (see Overview for more detail):


Do not require configuration:


Email Providers (require configuration, see Overview for more detail):