JavaScript Error Codes

These error codes are specific to the Social Login solution and describe error states that arise from users attempting to sign in.

The error codes and descriptions are returned when theĀ onProviderLoginError event occurs. The event returns an object containing the error details.

Code Meaning
100 Please enter your OpenID
100 Please enter your screen name
101 Your OpenID must be a URL
102 Your OpenID must be a URL
103 Unable to contact your OpenID
104 The OpenID you entered was not found
105 There was an error looking up your OpenID
106 Use a different OpenID server
107 The URL you entered does not appear to be an OpenID
108 Discovery failed for the OpenID you entered
109 SSL verification failed for your OpenID
132 Bad response from the OpenID server
134 SSL verification failed for OpenID endpoint
135 The FICAM authentication response verification failed
136 The provider is not FICAM certified
200 The token URL or xdReceiver has not been whitelisted
201 The provider is not configured
202 Error contacting the provider
203 Invalid account
204 The Provider does not support the requested scope (permissions)
205 Error response from the provider