Before You Start

Configuration requires a Twitter developer’s account.

Twitter Identity Provider Setup

To set up Twitter as an identity provider, follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to the Janrain Dashboard (
  2. On the property you want to configure, click the Manage Engage App button (Manage_SL_App_Icon).
  3. On the Providers tile, click the Manage Providers button (Screen Shot 2014-04-24 at 9.10.09 AM).
  4. In the Provider list on the right side of the page, click Twitter.
  5. Click Configure. The Twitter Setup Wizard appears.

    Figure 1: Twitter Setup Wizard, Intro Page

  6. If you do not have a Twitter account, create one.
  7. Sign in to Twitter and click the link displayed on the Twitter Setup Wizard. The Twitter Apps page is displayed in your browser.
  8. On the setup wizard, click Next.
  9. On the Twitter Apps page, click Create New App. The Create an application page is displayed.

    Figure 2: Create an Application Page

  10. Enter a Name and Description for your application.
  11. On the setup wizard, copy the WebSite and Callback URL values and paste them to the corresponding boxes on the Create an application page. Make sure you remove any leading blank spaces from the URLs.
  12. Scroll to the bottom of the Create an application page and select the Yes, I agree box.
  13. Click Create your Twitter application. The YourAppName page is displayed.
  14. On the setup wizard, click Next.

    Figure 3: Twitter Setup Wizard, Access Setting Page

  15. Set your Twitter app to use the same access level shown on the setup wizard:
    1. On the YourAppName page, click the Permissions tab.
    2. Select the Access box that corresponds to the access level displayed on the setup wizard.

      Figure 4: MyAppName page, Permissions Tab

  16. On the YourAppName page, click the Settings tab.
  17. Select the Allow this application to be used to Sign in with Twitter box.
  18. You can change your app icon by clicking Choose File in the Application Icon section.
  19. In the Organization section, you can enter your Organization Name and Organization Website (if appropriate).
  20. At the bottom of the page, click Update Settings.
  21. Click the API Keys tab.
  22. In the Token Actions section, click Create My Access Token.
  23. On the setup wizard, click Next.

    Figure 5: Twitter Setup Wizard, Consumer Key and Secret Page

  24. On the MyAppName page (in the Applications Settings section), copy the API Key and API Secret values and paste them to the Consumer Key and Consumer Secret boxes on the setup wizard.

    Figure 6: MyAppName Page, API Keys Tab

  25. On the setup wizard, click Save.

    Figure 7: Twitter Setup Wizard, Twitter Enabled Page

  26. Click Close.

You may now add Twitter as a Social Login identity provider on the Janrain Dashboard.