To set up LinkedIn as a Social Login provider, follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to the Janrain Dashboard (
  2. On the property you want to configure, click the Manage Engage App button (Manage_SL_App_Icon).
  3. On the Providers tile, click the Manage Providers button (Manage Providers icon).
  4. In the Provider list on the right side of the page, click LinkedIn.
  5. Click Configure. The LinkedIn Setup Wizard appears.


    Figure 1: LinkedIn Setup Wizard, Need a LinkedIn Account Page

  6. If you do not have a LinkedIn account, click the LinkedIn link to create one.
  7. Sign in to LinkedIn.
  8. Click the link. The LinkedIn Developer Network page is displayed.
  9. In the LinkedIn Setup Wizard, click Next. The Website URL page is displayed.


    Figure 2: LinkedIn Setup Wizard, Website URL Page

  10. On the LinkedIn Developer Network page, click Add New Application. The Add New Application page is displayed.


    Figure 3: Add New Application Page

  11. In the Company Info section:
    1. Enter your Company name.
    2. Enter any additional Account Administrators you need (besides yourself).
  12. In the Application Info section:
    1. Enter your Application Name. Your customers will see this name.
    2. Enter an application Description.
    3. On the LinkedIn Setup Wizard, copy the Website URL value and paste it into the Website URL field on the Add New Application page.
    4. In the Application Use box, select a description of your application.
    5. In the Live Status box, select the state of your application (Development or Live).
  13. In the Contact Info Section:
    1. Enter Developer Contact Email and Phone number values (probably your own).
  14. Complete any of the remaining optional fields as necessary.
  15. In the Terms of Service section:
    1. Select the Agree check box.
    2. Click Add Application. If successful, the Your application was successfully created page is displayed.


      Figure 4: Your Application Was Successfully Created Page

  16. On the LinkedIn Setup Wizard, click Next. The API Key and Secret Key page is displayed.


    Figure 5: LinkedIn Setup Wizard, API Key and Secret Key Page

  17. On the Your application was successfully created page, copy the API Key and Secret Key values, and paste them to the LinkedIn Setup Wizard.
  18. On the LinkedIn Setup Wizard, click Save. The LinkedIn is currently enabled page is displayed.


    Figure 6: LinkedIn Setup Wizard, LinkedIn is Currently Enabled Page

  19. On the LinkedIn Setup Wizard, click Close.
  20. On the Your application was successfully created page, click Done.

You may now add LinkedIn as a Social Login provider on the Janrain Dashboard.