Note:  If you do not have an existing Foursquare account, the setup will include an email verification step.

To set up Foursquare, follow these steps.

  1. Sign in to the Janrain Dashboard (
  2. Click the Manage Engage App button (Manage_SL_App_Icon) corresponding to the property to configure.
  3. On the right side of the page, click the Provider Configuration link. The Provider Configuration page is displayed.
  4. In the list on the right, click Foursquare.
  5. Click Configure. The Provider Setup Guide appears.


    Figure 1: Provider Setup Guide, Intro Page

  6. In the Janrain pop-up window, click Foursquare to sign up for an account if you do not already have one. The sign-up link is near the bottom of their page.
  7. Once you have an account, go back to the pop-up and click
  8. On the Foursquare page, click Register a New Consumer. The OAuth Consumer Registration form is displayed.


    Figure 2: OAuth Consumer Registration Form

  9. Enter a name for the application and the URL of the page where Social Login will be hosted.
  10. Return to the pop-up and click Next.
  11. The Callback URL is displayed. Enter this into the Callback URL field on the Foursquare form.
  12. Click Register Application when you are done. The My OAuth Consumers page is displayed.
  13. Copy the Client ID from this page.
  14. Go back to the pop-up and click Next.
  15. In the pop-up window, paste in the Client ID.


    Figure 3: Provider Setup Guide, Client Credentials

  16. Go back to the Foursquare page, copy your Client Secret, and paste it into the pop-up.
  17. Click Save. The Provider Enabled page is displayed.


    Figure 4: Provider Setup Guide, Provider Enabled Page

Foursquare is now configured as an Identity Provider, and may be added to Social Login.