Before You Start

DocCheck Identity Provider Setup

To set up DocCheck as an identity provider, follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to the Janrain Dashboard (
  2. Click the Manage Engage App button (Manage_SL_App_Icon) corresponding to the property to configure.
  3. On the Providers tile, click the Manage Providers icon.
  4. In the list on the right, click DocCheck.
  5. Click Configure. This starts the DocCheck Setup Wizard.


    Figure 1: DocCheck Setup Wizard, Intro Page

  6. Log in to DocCheck.
  7. Navigate to Password Protection > Login Administration.
  8. Click Create Login.
  9. On the setup wizard, click Next.
  10. Copy the Target URL from the setup wizard.
  11. Return to the DocCheck Create Login page. Fill in the desired values, and paste in the Target URL from the setup wizard.
  12. Complete the Create Login page.
  13. Copy the Login ID and Secret Key from the newly-created login and add them to the appropriate text boxes in the setup wizard.


    Figure 2: DocCheck Setup Wizard, Credentials Page

  14. Click Save.

DocCheck is now configured as an identity provider and is selectable on the Janrain Dashboard.