Identity Providers

Janrain supports the following Identity Providers. A complete listing of user profile data returned and supported features for each provider is also available in the Provider Guide and the User Profile Data by Provider topic. The provider specifier is a string used in calls to the Social Login API. Some providers require extra configuration—for more information, follow one of the following links.

Provider Name Provider String Specifier Provider Setup Guide Sample auth_info Response
Amazon amazon Amazon Setup Guide Amazon auth_info response
AOL aol AOL auth_info response
Blogger blogger Blogger auth_info response
Disqus disqus Disqus Setup Guide Disqus auth_info response
Facebook facebook Facebook Setup Guide Facebook auth_info response
Flickr flickr Flickr auth_info response
Foursquare foursquare Foursquare Setup Guide Foursquare auth_info response
Google+ googleplus Google+ Setup Guide Google+ auth_info response
Instagram instagram Instagram Setup Guide Instagram auth_info response
LinkedIn linkedin LinkedIn Setup Guide LinkedIn auth_info response
LiveJournal livejournal LiveJournal auth_info response
Microsoft Account microsoftaccount Microsoft Account Setup Guide Microsoft Account auth_info response
Mixi mixi Mixi Setup Guide Mixi auth_info response
MYDIGIPASS.COM mydigipass MYDIGIPASS.COM Setup Guide MYDIGIPASS.COM auth_info response
Netlog netlog Netlog auth_info response
Odnoklassniki odnoklassniki Odnoklassniki Setup Guide Odnoklassniki auth_info response
OpenID openid OpenID auth_info response
PayPal paypal PayPal Setup Guide PayPal auth_info response
QQ qq QQ Setup Guide QQ auth_info response
Renren renren Renren Setup Guide Renren auth_info response
Salesforce salesforce Salesforce Setup Guide Salesforce auth_info response
Sina Weibo sinaweibo Sina Weibo Setup Guide Sina Weibo auth_info response
SoundCloud soundcloud SoundCloud Setup Guide SoundCloud auth_info response
Tencent Weibo tencentweibo Tencent Weibo Setup Guide Tencent Weibo auth_info response
Tumblr tumblr Tumblr Setup Guide Tumblr auth_info response
Twitter twitter Twitter Setup Guide Twitter auth_info response
VeriSign verisign VeriSign auth_info response
VK vk VK Setup Guide VK auth_info response
WeChat wechat WeChat Setup Guide WeChat auth_info response 
WordPress wordpress WordPress auth_info response
Xing xing Xing Setup Guide Xing auth_info response
Yahoo! yahoo Yahoo! Setup Guide Yahoo! auth_info response

Health Care Identity Providers

In addition to traditional login providers, Janrain also supports providers that specialize in health care professional authentication services. These providers allow doctors and health care professionals to securely authenticate with health care portals.

Provider Name Provider String Specifier Provider Setup Guide Sample auth_info Response
DocCheck doccheck DocCheck Setup Guide DocCheck auth_info response
Doximity doximity Doximity Setup Guide Doximity auth_info response
FiMnet fimnet FiMnet Setup Guide FiMnet auth_info response
MediKey medikey MediKey Setup Guide
Medy medy Medy Setup Guide Medy auth_info response
OneKey onekey OneKey Setup Guide  OneKey auth_info response

Deployment of these providers involves additional charges and configuration. Contact Janrain for more information.