Registration Overview

Registration extends Social Login by offering a richly-featured, customizable user profile data storage solution to help you leverage the rich demographic, interests, and friends data shared by your users, and also add custom profile fields such as user preferences and interests, site activities, and friends on-site. It includes a comprehensive site registration system, complete with registration and profile management screens, as well as back-end tools and workflow.

Registration manages user data remotely (in the cloud) where it can be accessed, modified, or exported as needed.

User profile data shared via third-party/social sign-in is stored remotely (as well as legacy data and user activities) in a customizable, hosted database. This centralized storage provides a unified view of your user data and allows access by other systems such as email marketing, content personalization, and ad targeting platforms. Registration lets you augment your user profile data with data append services to help you gain insights to increased user conversion, online engagement, and monetization on your site.

Registration offers a complete UI, including registration screens for traditional sign-ups as well as data import capabilities allowing websites to maintain a unified user system for both new and existing users.