Registration Configuration Settings

These are the dashboard specific registration settings in the dashboard. Default settings for all implementations are listed below.

The default settings govern how Registration communicate with the Social Login aspect of the UI. Most users will never need to change these settings, and if they do, a Janrain representative will provide instructions on what to do.

Available to:

Field Description
email_method Method for generating emails during the registration flow.
login_attempts The number of traditional login attempts a user can make in a given timespan before getting locked out. This includes both successful and unsuccessful logins. Default value is 6.
login_attempts_threshold The time in seconds before a user’s “number of attempts” counter resets to 0. Default value is 60.
rpx_app_id The app_id of a Social Login app powering the social sign-in aspect of a User Registration application.
rpx_server The URL of the Social Login application.
rpx_key The API key of the Social Login application.
rpx_realm The realm (attached to of the Social Login application.