URL Shortening

If your email or SMS message body contains URLs that you would like shortened to an http://rpx.me URL (with which you can track click-throughs), you can do so by setting the URLs (Android, iOS) property of the JREmailObject, or the JRSmsObject. The library contacts the Social Login servers to obtain up to five shortened URLs for email and SMS each, and then replaces the URLs in the email and SMS message bodies.

To use URL shortening, create an email or SMS object, and populate the message or subject fields with your content, including the URLs that you would like shortened.

Then, create a list of strings (Android) or array of strings (iOS) containing the exact URLs from the message body. Assign the list to the URLs property of the email or SMS object (for example, JREmailObject#setUrls on Android and the JREmailObject.urls property on iOS.)

Note: Any URLs in the message body which are not in URLs property will not be shortened.

Once you pass the activity object to the library, it shortens the URLs that you provided. The library replaces any instance of your URLs in your email or SMS message body with the http://rpx.me URL. When a user clicks on any shortened URL, it redirects them to the original URL and Social Login tracks the referral.

Note: If the network connection used to shorten the URLs does not return before the user shares the activity, the shared activity will contain the original URLs and the click-throughs will not be tracked.