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Social Sharing

If you want to share an activity, first create an instance of the [JRActivityObject]() and populate the activity object’s fields:

JRActivityObject *activity = [JRActivityObject activityObjectWithAction:@"added JREngage to her iPhone application!" andUrl:@""];

Then pass the activity to the [showSharingDialogWithActivity:] message:

[JREngage showSharingDialogWithActivity:activity];

Your user may choose to sign in with additional social providers in order to share. If they do, your delegate will receive the authenticationDidSucceedForUser:forProvider: and authenticationDidReachTokenUrl:withResponse:andPayload:forProvider: messages. If you don’t want new authentications posted to your token URL, you can remove the token URL with the updateTokenUrl: message.

Additionally, as your users shares their activity on the different providers, you will receive sharingDidSucceedForActivity:forProvider: messages on your JREngageSharingDelegate delegate. Finally, the JREngageSharingDelegate delegate will receive a sharingDidComplete message once the user finishes sharing. If the user cancels sharing before the activity was posted to any provider, the delegate will receive the sharingDidNotComplete message.