Add Custom Providers

This topic describes the process of configuring custom OpenID and custom SAML providers into the Social Login library.


1. Gather Configuration Details

For each custom provider you wish to configure gather the following configuration details

Custom Open ID

In addition to the configuration details above you will need:

Custom SAML

In addition to the configuration details above you will need:

2. Configure and Initialize the Library

Social Login Only Integration

Construct a Map<String, JRDictionary similar to this example. The field names in the JRDictionary are important (that is, the field for friendly name must be “friendly_name”.) The keys in the map are the Provider IDs.

Map<String, JRDictionary> customProviders = new HashMap<String, JRDictionary>();

JRDictionary openIdProvider = new JRDictionary();
openIdProvider.put("friendly_name", "Example Custom OpenID Provider");
openIdProvider.put("openid_identifier", "");
openIdProvider.put("opx_blob", "some_blob_for_opx"); // This is an optional field
openIdProvider.put("icon_resource_id", R.drawable.openIdIcon); // This is an optional field

customProviders.put("open_id_provider", openIdProvider);

JRDictionary samlProvider = new JRDictionary();
samlProvider.put("friendly_name", "Example Custom SAML Provider");
samlProvider.put("saml_provider", "the_name_of_the_engage_implementation_of_the_saml_provider");
samlProvider.put("icon_resource_id", R.drawable.samlIcon); // This is an optional field

customProviders.put("saml_provider", samlProvider);

Then pass the map in as an argument to JREngage.initInstance.

engage = JREngage.initInstance(context, "your-engage-app-id", "your-token-url", delegate, customProviders);

User Registration Integration

JumpConfig provides convenience methods for adding custom providers.

JumpConfig jumpConfig = new JumpConfig();
... // Your Jump configuration

jumpConfig.addCustomOpenIdProvider("open_id_provider", "Example Custom OpenID Provider",
                                   "some_blob_for_opx", R.drawable.openIdIcon);

jumpConfig.addCustomSamlProvider("saml_provider", "Example Custom SAML Provider",

Then initialize User Registration as normal.

Jump.init(this, jumpConfig);


You can add a 30×30 provider icon for you custom providers by passing the icon’s resource id in as an argument to addCustomSamlProvider or addCustomOpenIdProvider for User Registration integrations, or in the JRDictionary with the key open_id_provider for Social Login only integrations.

3. Begin Authentication

Begin authentication as in the Integration guides.