Upgrade SDK


Janrain’s iOS Mobile SDK includes a library that provides a native iOS API to the Janrain Customer Identity Management platform and a sample application that demonstrates how to implement the library in your mobile app.

4.0 Release Notice

With the 4.0 release of the iOS SDK, there are significant changes to how native authentication has been implemented. If your app has implemented native authentication using a previous version of the SDK, this release represents a breaking change.

Recently, both Google and Facebook released new versions of their SDKs that severed backwards compatibility. Since these SDKs were included as dependent libraries in the Janrain iOS SDK, the current version of the SDK is not compatible with the updated provider SDKs.

In order to avoid the need to update the Janrain SDK whenever a provider makes a major SDK update, Janrain has removed all dependencies on third-party SDKs and libraries around native Social Provider support (Google+, Facebook, and Twitter).

Instead, a mobile app must implement a provider’s SDK to retrieve the access token from the device, and then pass the access token to the Janrain authentication process. We have updated the Janrain sample app (included in the SDK) to demonstrate how to retrieve a native provider’s access token using the current (at the time of the SDK release) native provider’s tools, in a format close to the native provider’s sample code on their website.

For more details about upgrading to SDK 4.0, see the iOS SDK Upgrade Guide.

2016 SDK Strategy

In 2016, Janrain will rewrite its iOS SDK. We are evaluating what this implementation will include, but we will focus on making the SDK more developer-friendly and simplifying the integration process. We will share more details as we finalize plans in the coming months.

With a new SDK on the horizon, the 4.0 release will only receive critical updates to maintain compatibility with iOS 9 and Xcode 7. All feature requests will be prioritized as part of the development for the new SDK.