Adobe Audience Manager



The Janrain integration for Adobe Audience Manager enables marketers to collect and store first-party demographic, psychographic, and behavioral customer profile data collected via social login and registration, and synchronize it with the audience data collected by Adobe Audience Manager for richer audience segmentation and targeting. Features of the integration include:


Janrain will configure and deploy the Janrain Adobe Audience Manager integration along with your Adobe technical contact.


Required Information

Customer Responsibilities

When a new user registers on your site, his or her Janrain UUID must be sent to Adobe Audience Manager for synchronization with his or her Adobe ID. If you have existing Janrain users when implementing this integration, you will also need to perform this step each time a user logs in so that IDs will be matched up over time.

The Janrain UUID is available in the result of the onCaptureRegistration and onCaptureLoginSuccess events. Once you have retrieved the Janrain UUID, you need to implement a call passing that value to Adobe Audience Manager. Your call will look something like this: