Drupal – Social Login



Contact your Janrain Technical Lead or sign up for a free Janrain Social Login account to obtain the following Janrain components:

Module Dependencies

Installation / Configuration

1. Download, install, and enable the Janrain Social Login module

2. Download, install, and enable the Rules and Entity modules (if not already enabled)

3. Enter your Janrain Social Login API key

Enter the Janrain Social Login client secret (found in the Janrain Engage Social Login Dashboard) in the API Key box on Administration > Configuration > Janrain Engage > Setup.

4. Validate your identity provider setup

Click the Engage Admin URL link to access the Janrain Dashboard and validate your identity provider selection and configuration.

5. Configure account registration behavior

If you want users to create their own accounts using Janrain Social Login, go to Administration > Configuration > People > Accounts and select Visitors under Who can register accounts?

6. Configure authentication parameters

Configure your desired authentication parameters at Administration > Configuration > Janrain Engage > Authentication.

7. (Optional) Configure Janrain Social Sharing v2

Configure Janrain Social Sharing v2 in Administration > Configuration > Janrain Engage > Social Sharing.

8. (Optional) Configure verification email parameters

9. (Optional) Configure mapping of Janrain customer profile attributes

Configure mapping of Janrain customer profile attributes to Drupal fields in Administration > Configuration > Janrain Engage.

a. Manage Fields tab

This tab defines which fields from the Janrain customer profile database (Capture) are available for mapping to Drupal database fields.

To add a new mapping from Capture to Drupal, enter the Janrain field name in the PATH box and provide a name in the TITLE box to be used in the Field Mapping tab.

When mapping plurals, the value path convention should be used (up-replace all symbols with a period “.”). For example, profiles#1.username is formatted as profiles.1.username.

If you enable the Token module, you see an available Token browser interface that lets you select the token to insert into the path field.

b. Field Mapping tab

This tab enables you to map available Janrain fields (identified on the Manage Fields tab) to available Drupal fields.