Salesforce Communities



Janrain Social Login can be used as the authentication provider for Salesforce Communities. Any social provider supported by Janrain Social Login can be made available for Salesforce Community site visitors as a social login option. User information returned by social providers is accessible within Salesforce and can be stored in the Salesforce user record.



Full installation instructions are available in PDF format.

Installation Overview

  1. Configure the Community Active Site Home Page.
  2. Modify the CommunitiesLandingController Apex class.
  3. Modify the CommunitiesLoginController Apex class.
  4. Modify the CommunitiesLanding page.
  5. Modify the CommunitiesLogin page.
  6. Create a custom Login page.
  7. Create a custom Registration Handler.
  8. Create a custom Auth Provider.
  9. Add the custom login page to the Community Visual Force page list.
  10. Configure the Error Page Assignments to include the custom Login page.