Oracle ATG Web Commerce

Janrain’s eCommerce Extension for ATG provides a module that enables the integration of the Janrain Customer Profile Management platform for ATG storefronts. The module is compatible with Janrain Social Login, Registration, Single Sign-on, and Social Sharing.

This integration enables retailers to add social login and sharing to their native ATG registration workflow or replace it with Janrain’s customizable, hosted Registration solution while rich social profile data is stored in the cloud and synchronized to your ATG customer database.

Version 1.1 of the Janrain Oracle ATG integration is compatible with Oracle ATG version 10.0.x.



A guide to implementing the integration is available in PDF format.

Installation Overview

The following implementation steps are described in the installation guide:

  1. Implement ATG schema extensions.
  2. Janrain Social Login configuration.
  3. Janrain Registration configuration.
  4. (Optional) FGEmail module configuration.
  5. ATG Storefront module common configuration.
  6. ATG Storefront module common extensions.