The Janrain Demandware LINK cartridge supports both Janrain Registration and Janrain Social Login. The cartridge accelerates integration of Janrain Registration or Janrain Social Login features into a Demandware storefront.

This blueprint offers an example of integrating Demandware with both Social Login and Registration solutions. When using with Registration, the Janrain UI replaces the native Demandware login and registration screens.


User Guide

A guide to Demandware integration is available as a pdf.

Implementation Steps

The following implementation steps are described in the Demandware Integration Guide.

The following Janrain integration tasks are included within the LINK cartridge:

  1. Extend the SitePreferences system object to include Janrain-specific attributes.
  2. Set the newly-created Site Preferences with Janrain-provided values.
  3. Extend the Profile system object to include an Identifier attribute.
  4. Implement JavaScript template includes in the site header and footer.
  5. Implement sign-in / registration links and includes in site header and account pages.
  6. Implement sharing includes on the necessary site pages.
  7. Modify form resource files.