Backplane Server – Messages



The Backplane Server retrieves messages and sends them to Janrain elements on a website, as well as to other Backplane-enabled elements. In Backplane Protocol terms, a Scenario is a protocol extension that defines one or more message types and specifies their semantics, use, and so on.

The following Scenarios are available on the Backplane Protocol:

Identity Message Rules

Multiple Messages

If there are multiple messages posted to the Backplane Server (as might result from the user refreshing the pages where a sign-in resides) only the latest message will be sent to requesting elements.

Logging Out

Once the user logs out of the Identity Provider, a Logout message is normally sent to the Backplane Channel to update the elements to the user state. If the channel has both (an Identity message followed by a Logout message) the user is considered logged out, and no message will be sent to requesting elements.

Note: Currently, Social Login and Registration do not support the Logout message. The channel on the Backplane Server is reset instead. See the following section “Resetting the Channel”.

Resetting the Channel

Resetting the channel on the Backplane Server causes the same result as sending a Logout message to the web elements listening—the login state and session are ended. Administrators may want to use this method of logout when using the Janrain solutions to log out the user independently of the Identity Provider state, or when forcing a new login when a user returns to the site.