Appreciation Engine – Registration



The Appreciation Engine allows site owners to follow their users’ activity across a variety of social networking platforms.

Integrating with Janrain

Note: This integration requires the assistance of Janrain engineers.

Janrain’s Registration solution integrates with The Appreciation Engine by passing user registration information to The Appreciation Engine, where it can be tracked accordingly.

The Appreciation Engine tracks brands and activities with which users interact. This data, along with weighted scoring, recommendations, and demographic information, are added to Registration’s database schema. New users are added to The Appreciation Engine using Janrain’s webhooks API. Updated users are synchronized with The Appreciation Engine at regular intervals.



  1. Meet with your representative from The Appreciation Engine to gather configuration information for Janrain. This information includes:
    1. Which brands and activities to track. These will need to be added to the Janrain Registration (Capture) schema so they can be recorded.
    2. Weights given to individual brands and activities.
    3. Which Social Login permissions (AKA scopes) are needed.
    4. A definitive path for transmitting information. You may choose the Janrain RESTful API, the Appreciation Engine API, or another.
    5. A schedule for Janrain to grant admin access to the customer’s Appreciation Engine (if applicable), and when schema changes will be made.
  2. Meet with Janrain to confirm the information in step 1.
  3. Developers from The Appreciation Engine will modify the Registration schema. If you do not want to give The Appreciation Engine admin rights to your schema, it can be modified using the Janrain RESTful API.
  4. Once the new schema is added, the implementation is complete. Data will flow to The Appreciation Engine and to the customer.

To add additional brands after the initial configuration, contact The Appreciation Engine and repeat step 1, substeps a-c.