Engagement Overview

Janrain’s Engagement product captures social conversations and encourages users to create content on your websites or mobile properties. Engagement can be configured with the following modules.

Article/Blog Comments

Allows an end user to sign in/register and comment on a website or mobile property. Comments can be shared with a user’s friends on the social network used to log in (if sharing is supported by that network).

See a demo of the Article/Blog Comments functionality.

Social Activity

Displays on-site social activities filtered by individual user, a user’s friends from social networks, or site-wide. On-site user social activity includes user comments on articles/blogs, live chat postings and replies, likes on posts, and social shares of posts.

See a demo of the Social Activity functionality.

Live Event Chat

Allows users to sign in through their social networks to participate in a live event chat. Users can share their posted content on the chat stream to their social network (if sharing is supported by that social network).

See a demo of the Live Event Chat functionality.

Curated Tweets

Presents off-site curated tweets in a news feed-style visualization. You may deploy multiple curated tweet modules. Users log in through Twitter to engage with this module.

See a demo of the Curated Tweets functionality.

General Features

The following capabilities are supported for all modules except where noted.