Engagement Analytics

Engagement Dashboard Analytics

You can access the following graphs and charts through the Engagement dashboard:

Module Dashboard Analytics Support Analytics Graphs and Charts
Article/Blog Comments Count comments and replies.
  • Real-time Stream Activity graph
  • On-site Participation Distribution pie chart
Social Activity Determine the distribution of on-site social activity, including the number of comments.
  • Real-time Stream Activity graph
  • On-site Participation Distribution pie chart
Live Event Chat Count posts and replies.
  • On-site Participation Distribution pie chart
Curated Tweets Determine the distribution of curated tweets, including the total number of tweets and retweets.
  • Twitter Distribution pie chart

Third-party Analytics

Engagement activity can be integrated with Adobe Analytics or Google Analytics via JavaScript event handlers. These tools can then capture the number of user clicks on certain widgets or tabs, track on-site user activity, and so on.

Engagement JavaScript event handlers use the following format:

  "Event Name Here", function(
    // Handle data here and call Adobe/Google Analytics APIs

Supported events and data parameters are defined in the following tables.

Event Name Description Parameters
Stream.onReady Called after the stream finishes loading. data.streamID
Stream.onRender Called before the stream begins to load. data.streamID
Stream.onRerender Called before the stream begins to load any additional times after the initial load. data.streamID
Stream.Item.onRender Called before each post in a stream begins to load. data.item.data.object.id
Submit.onRender Called before any submit box is created. data.targetURL
Submit.onExpand Called before any reply box is created. data.targetURL
Submit.onPostComplete Called after a user successfully creates a post. data.postData.actorID



Stream.onMoreButtonPress Called after the More button on a stream is clicked to retrieve more posts. data.streamID
Stream.Item.onControlClick Called after any control button is clicked on a post. Control buttons include ReplyRetweet, Favorite, Like, Unlike, and Comment. data.item.data.object.id
Stream.Plugins.Like.onLikeComplete Called after a user successfully likes a post. data.item.data.object.id
Stream.tabChange Called after a user clicks a tab. data.streamID



Event Parameters

Parameter Description
data.streamID Returns the stream ID where the event occurred.
data.targetURL Returns the stream ID of the target.
data.postData.name Returns the name of the user who created the post. For Twitter, it is the @ handle of the user. For Facebook, it returns the full username.
data.postData.id Returns the profile URL of the user who created the post, such as http://twitter.com/foo or https://graph.facebook.com/foo.
data.item.data.object.id Returns the permalink to the post/tweet.
data.tabTitle Returns the title of the tab clicked.
data.tabID Returns the ID of the tab clicked as defined in the Arktan configuration.