Customer Care Portal


Janrain’s Customer Care Portal enables an authorized representative to search for, create, modify, and delete user profiles stored within a Registration database. Each user profile includes an audit log that displays all changes committed to the profile which includes those made by the user, Customer Care Portal agents, or Janrain APIs.

Access permissions to profile management functionality are restricted based on agent roles and the profile management hierarchy defined for the properties using your Registration database. By default you may restrict agent access between your development and production databases, but further restriction within a database may also be configured based on a group of properties.


A property is related to an API client used for log-in on your websites or applications. When a new API client is created, Janrain must configure it for use with the Customer Care Portal to associate it with the appropriate set of agent permissions. Please contact Janrain when a new API client needs to be configured.

Each user profile is associated with a property at the time of registration through the Janrain Registration widget. User records created via API must also have a property association set in order to be accessible to agents in the Customer Care Portal.

Agent Roles

Agent Manager

An agent manager has administrative privileges over specific groups of properties. At least one agent manager will be defined for a customer. This role is able to:


An agent has general access privileges over specific groups of properties. Access to work within specific properties must be explicitly granted by an agent manager. This role is able to: