Create an API Client

All  Registration implementations begin with:

Depending on what other code is used when integration the Registration solution, more API Clients may be needed. The best practice is to create an API Client for a specific purpose, giving it only the permission needed for the assigned task.

For Example: Create similar API Clients for each of your developers and partners. This allows the customer to restrict partners to specific attributes.

Follow these steps to create a new API client:

1.  Create a new API Client using the clients/add API call.

Parameters defined during the API Client creation set the permissions. Optionally, these can also be configured in the Dashboard by navigating to Capture Icon > API Clients.

The Client features are:

Without these features, clients would be limited to only reading/writing records with access tokens.

Note:  These features are cumulative, so if you give the same client both direct_read_access and direct_access, that client will have read and write permissions.

2. Optional: Use the entityType.setAccessSchema endpoint to restrict access to a subset of the schema, or to fine tune read/write access.

The API Client can also be restricted to certain parts of the user data, or given read only access to the set permissions.

Example: if an API Client is granted access to changing data, they can also be restricted to a specific part of the schema.

Note:  This may also be used to grant limited write abilities to the default read-only status of the login_client, if needed.