Add the TRUSTe Logo to the Registration Form

Janrain’s platform has been certified by TRUSTe for security and privacy and compliance with EU Safe Harbor policies. As a result, customers can add Janrain’s TRUSTe seal to their Janrain Registration platform using the code snippet below (with certain caveats).


Note the following restrictions on using Janrain’s TRUSTe seal:

Example HTML Code for Adding the TRUSTe Logo

This code snippet can be downloaded here.

<text style="font-size:50%; font-family: Helvetica">Powered by Janrain</text>
<div id="adfdcb81-3fcc-4e89-807b-a54a89fab74d">
  <script type="text/javascript"
  <a href="//,-Inc-/validation?rid=1b233149-fc3b-4e69-957a-ca7677ee4787"
    title="TRUSTe European Safe Harbor certification" target="_blank">
    <img style="border: none"
      alt="TRUSTe European Safe Harbor certification"/>